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Loan Vision Sees Benefits of Volume Boom, Now Accounting for Almost $1 Trillion in Loans

February 8, 2022
Loan Vision Sees Benefits of Volume Boom, Now Accounting for Almost $1 Trillion in Loans

Greensburg, PA – February 8, 2022 – While some companies saw a decline in business during the COVID-19 pandemic, almost anyone associated with the mortgage industry, like Loan Vision, found themselves in an ascent to one of the best years of business they’ve ever had. With the housing market booming and loan originations rapidly increasing, the accounting departments of many mortgage lenders found themselves stretched to almost breaking due to the influx of volume. Many found themselves facing a choice: hire more employees or upgrade their technology.

“We had lenders, who doubled or tripled their volume in 2020/2021, reaching out because they were simply overwhelmed due to the additional manual workloads that this volume brought them,” said Martin Kerr, Loan Vision President. “Loan Vision now helps account for almost $1 trillion in mortgage originations across our total customer base. That is staggering to me,” he added.

Since launching at the 2013 MBA Technology Solutions Conference and Expo in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Loan Vision has grown from 1 customer to over 240. In 2021, Loan Vision saw a 29.7% increase in its customer base and a 35.3% increase in new business revenue year over year. The 2021 customer additions saw almost another $100 billion being accounted for in Loan Vision’s mortgage industry specific general ledger. That being said, signing customers is only part of the process, according to Carl Wooloff, Director of Sales & Marketing at Loan Vision. “Signing customers is great but getting them up and running on the software and having them fully utilize it is the most important part,” stated Wooloff. “It’s a testament to our team that we were able to put 65 lenders, containing over 730 users, live in 2021. Those are big numbers.”

Even with the added workloads the recent upsurge in new customer projects has brought to Loan Vision, their mission of continuing to innovate and improve life for their customers, along with their dedication to that mission, has never wavered. By releasing Loan Vision 365, a brand new, cloud-based version of their software, during the busiest year of business to date, Loan Vision has proven their speed, efficiency, and care for customers is far higher than others in the mortgage accounting space. “Slowing down is not an option,” said Kerr. “Innovation drives us, and we will not allow ourselves to become complacent, as others in the industry have.”

About Bestborn Business Solutions, Inc:  

Founded in 2006, Greensburg, PA-based Bestborn Business Solutions are the creators of Loan Vision, a mortgage industry specific financial management and accounting software. Combining the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics and Bestborn’s industry toolset and expertise, Loan Vision has quickly established itself as a platform trusted by some of the largest, as well as the fastest growing, mortgage lenders in the country. Their ever-growing list of functionality includes the ability to interface with any Loan Origination Software, loan-level accounting, commission calculations, a branch reporting portal, and lease accounting management.

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