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Chief Executive Officer

Paul Loftus

As the CEO of Loan Vision, Loftus is responsible for setting and executing the global strategy for the company.

Consistent with his winning track record of 25+ years, Loftus instills a desire to win every day by putting a laser focus on the development of talent and creating a regular cadence/discipline around process and proper messaging both to the market and his employees. He maintains his philosophy to “never ask an associate to do something I’m not willing to do myself” and creates a team environment focused on repeatable processes that lead to predictability in performance. With the customer at the core of everything he does, Loftus leads the development and delivery of SaaS software to solve problems that result in positive outcomes.

Paul’s Chicago roots will keep him loyal to his Chicago Bears but his passion and love remain with his family and philanthropic efforts in his home town of Atlanta, Georgia.

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