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Loan Vision Releases Predictive Analytics & Modeling Tool For The Mortgage Industry

October 10, 2023
Loan Vision Releases Predictive Analytics & Modeling Tool For The Mortgage Industry

In answer to a distressed mortgage industry and a large reduction in loan origination volume, LV-PAM provides deep, actionable insights to revolutionize how organizations operate in an ever-changing mortgage space.

Greensburg, PA – October 10, 2023 – Loan Vision, the premier provider for mortgage accounting solutions, announced last week at their 5th annual User Conference the release of its Predictive Analytics & Modeling tool, LV-PAM. This multisource tool, powered by Coheus®, provides actionable intelligence with consolidated loan data.

“We are very pleased to provide our customers with new innovation that gives them deeper analytics and reporting,” says Paul J. Loftus, CEO at Loan Vision. “The MBA’s Mortgage Banking Performance Report reflects the reality that the loan origination volume that we saw in ‘20 and ‘21 may not return anytime soon. Therefore, the most frequent question I am receiving now from our customers is ‘how do we create a more profitable and efficient business with less volume?’ LV-PAM was designed to answer these growing current economic challenges, but also as a preparation for sustained growth when the market returns.  Our customers now have a deeper cut of their data, empowering them to operate their businesses more efficiently and profitably. LV-PAM really represents our dedication to innovation and our promise to provide our customers “the insights you need in the software you trust.”
“Some may believe it is counterintuitive to consider spending money on software in distressed market conditions,” says Carl Wooloff, Director of Sales & Marketing at Loan Vision. “However, Loan Vision coupled with LV-PAM provides that deep cut of data that customers want and need to create actionable insights that will allow them to run their businesses more efficiently and profitably. With a solution like this that lives directly in the Loan Vision system, LV-PAM empowers our customers to make informed business decisions driven by data.”

LV-PAM offers users consolidated views of their Loan Origination System and their Loan Vision data. By using a top-tier model, LV-PAM segments loan officers, branches using volume, margin, success at close, speed to close, and much more. LV-PAM significantly reduces manual spreadsheet work and reallocates time to value added activities. LV-PAM also improves visibility and provides predictability – with features such as close projections, scenario analysis, peer comparisons, and increase in reporting frequency – enabling users to gain insights into the past and anticipate future trends. 

LV-PAM is available for purchase now. To learn more about the Loan Vision Predictive Analytics & Modeling tool (LV-PAM), please contact Carl Wooloff at to set up a call today. 

About Loan Vision: Since launching at the MBA Technology Solutions Conference and Expo in 2013, Loan Vision has helped reduce risk, streamline manual process, and lower operating expense for over 240 customers by combining a leading financial management solution with loan level accounting. Loan Vision strives to help transform accounting departments across the mortgage industry, aiding them in reaching maximum efficiency and offering tools to give them better insight into their profitability. We believe that every mortgage bank should have instant access to the financial information needed to make quick, strategic decisions and pride ourselves on providing, not only just the right tools, but also the right implementation approach and ongoing support to allow customers to maximize their use of our software. For more information, please visit:

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