The Benefits of a True Cloud Platform

June 30, 2022

Most of the software and applications used in today’s world are no longer on-premises systems. The world is moving in a direction that wants, and needs, a solution that can keep up with their businesses.

For over 20 years now, many companies have been moving to the cloud, also known as Software as a Service (SaaS), creating higher demand for fully cloud based technology in every area. Not only do these systems provide cost benefits, but they also create business efficiencies and competitive advantages for the companies that use them.

According to Gartner, investments in cloud services will grow 21.7% from 2021 to 2022.

Below is a list of some key benefits that your business can expect when making the move to the cloud.

So why should you make the switch to a cloud-based system?

1. Security

One of the biggest concerns that every business — small or large — has is how secure their data truly is. The Identity Theft Research Center (ITRC) predicts that in 2022, ransomware attacks will pass phishing as the number 1 cause of data compromises.

To combat these kinds of attacks, cloud-based systems offer many protocols that ensure your data is handled safely and securely. Features like data encryption ensure that all information sent between your business’s devices are fully encrypted and cannot be accessed without an encryption key. Also, with a true-cloud platform, servers are no longer needed on premises, creating fewer entry points for attackers to target.

These measures and others, such as authentication and access control, along with any security measures your own company chooses to implement, create a safer and more resilient network for your business to operate on.

2. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Fully operating on an on-premises system is a huge investment for a company, one that may fall short in benefiting your business. Between the core software, installation, storage, and hardware, your business has spent a lot of time and money on something that, eventually, may not be able to keep up with your growth or your processes.

On top of those costs, related costs like maintenance and IT for your in-house server, as well as expensive upgrades for the system, may leave your company feeling like they’ve made the wrong choice.

With cloud-based, on-premises practices no longer exists. This means that many of the costs that come with an on-premises system don’t either. Your company is now saving significantly while simultaneously using a system that will benefit you for years to come, allowing you to invest in bettering your business.

3. Efficiency

A true cloud-based system gives you real-time access to every aspect of your business. By having a platform that allows your business to run more efficiently, you simplify business processes. This makes teams more productive and information more accessible so that you can make better decisions for your company.

Along with better processes, the cloud also provides frequent, automatic updates to keep your system up to speed with your business. Not only will you always have access to the latest innovations, but you’ll also never have to worry if your system is becoming outdated.

By allowing the cloud to automate routine practices, your company can refocus its time on innovation, development, and growth.

4. Access and Agility

Being cloud-based means that you constantly have access to the most up-to-date version of the software from anywhere at any time on any device. Your teams can now collaborate easily and effectively from all over, no matter the circumstances.

This also means that as your business grows, adding volume, staff, and more, your software is easily keeping up. The cloud can adapt effortlessly, depending on your business needs, always keeping you in-line with – or even above – the competition. Having a software with such agility is what ultimately makes true cloud-based systems so impressive.

If you are still wary about switching to the cloud, just think about all the other systems in your business that are already there. Do you use Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint? How about Google Workspace, Dropbox, or Salesforce? Cloud-based technology is fast becoming the norm and for good reason.

“It’s future proof,” says Ben Saunders, Director of Deployment at Loan Vision. “Cloud-based software is what you want when you’re building your platform for the future.”

If you’d like to learn more about Loan Vision’s cloud-based system, Loan Vision 365, please contact Carl Wooloff at today. Protected by Microsoft, one of the largest technology corporations in the world and a leader in the SaaS industry, Loan Vision 365 gives you all of these benefits and more. Don’t wait! Make the move today and protect your company for years to come!

Haleigh Heilman

Marketing Communications Manager
About the Author

As the Marketing & Communications Manager at Loan Vision, Haleigh Heilman spearheads content creation, event planning, and educational initiatives. She also oversees Loan Vision Giving Back, the company's charitable arm, and manages all brand assets. Haleigh thrives in Loan Vision's open and creative atmosphere. Outside of work, she loves cooking, exploring new places, and spending quality time with loved ones.

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